Atlant Capital Group

Founded on the basis of passion. Atlant Capital Group is one of the fastest growing home building companies aka flipping companies in Southern California. Our team is comprised of high-caliber experts.  Our motto is  win win for all. 




Investment opportunity, High Return on Investments, Real Estate Investments, Flipping.

Are you satisfied with your investment plan and returns? Would you like to know more about getting double digit returns? It is time to improve the returns of your investments.


Real estate property drafting, engineering, design.

Every house has its unique design and history. We can help you to bring a bright design and history to your property. 

Project Management


Do you want the experts to take care of your project from drafting the plans till the sale of the property? Then you are in the right place. Learn more about how can we assist you.


Construction, flipping, house improvements, fixer upper, values.

Construction is one of the crucial parts of the projects. A contractor can make or brake a deal. Our team can help you with timely completion of your project.


real estate consulting, budgeting consulting.

Would you like to get the best and the highest version of your property? Are you getting maximum benefit out of you property? Let us analyze it for you.


Real estate business, flipping mentorship.

Are you stuck in your projects? Would you like to become a better house builder? Atlant Capital Group is the place for your growth. Let us mentor you.


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